What To Do When A Girl Ignores You

Hey all, someone left a comment on my inside scoop on how to tell if a girl is falling for you. The comment read, “That’s all fine and dandy, TJ, but what if a girl completely ignores you? What would you do then?” (BTW, anyone else wants some personal advice on dating, contact me on http://tj-forum.org/contact-tj/.)

Now, I’ve been; I’ve fallen really hard for a chick and it took me a while to work out why she was ignoring me. This blog is inspired by that girl. If you have recently met a girl that you really like, you’re probably very excited. Unfortunately, one partner is usually more invested in the relationship than the other. If the girl you are dating has been ignoring you lately, it’s probably very frustrating to you. After all, this was a girl that you really liked. Fortunately, there are things you can do when a girl ignores you. If you execute the steps listed in the following paragraphs, you should be able to win your girlfriend back.

So, what should you do when a girl ignores you?

So she’s started ignoring you? Well, the first thing you should do, is move on. If you have convinced yourself mentally that she just wasn’t the girl for you, it will be much easier to get her to pay attention to you down the road. Girls appreciate confident men. If you’re still focused on getting her to pay attention to you, you won’t be confident. It can be very challenging to mentally move on, but it is the only way to heal from the situation. If you can’t mentally move on from her, then you’ll never be able to have a sustainable relationship with another woman. Instead, you’ll always be thinking about the girl that ignored you and what your relationship could have been like if she wouldn’t have ignored you.

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The next thing you should do when a girl ignores you is to make sure she sees you out in public. Even though it can be a lot of work to keep tabs on where she goes, it’ll be worth it in the end. Have one of your friends text her about where she is going on the weekend. This way, it will seem like it’s a coincidence when you run into her. Make sure that you have another date when you run into her so that she can see that you’ve already moved on. Seeing another girl with you will make her jealous and realize what she missed out on. If she was only ignoring you to play mind games with you, she’ll see that you’re not willing to play. She will realize that you are confident in yourself and don’t need her in order to have a fulfilling life.

Now, you’ve sorted out what to do when a girl ignores you, you should be able to get her interest back in no time. Remember, you never want to come off as desperate. You must therefore know how to flirt with a girl without coming off as too needy which is highly unattractive. You need to convince her that she needs you more than you need her. Even though this can be challenging to do at first, it will get easier with practice. Every time you see her out in public, it will be easier for you to exert confidence and let her know that you’ve moved on. Once your girlfriend notices that your life does not revolve around her, she will realize that she has made a mistake and will come back to you.

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