Dating and Women and…Marriage?! Well, Maybe

Hello, TJ here again.

I’ve been catching up with some friends lately, and I was surprised to find out how one of my best guy pals is getting married to his 3-year girlfriend this June. I’m excited, though it stirred a lot of thoughts– I’m amazed at his decision to commit 100% full-time. Because he thinks it’s already love.

I know dating can be a hard path to take– it’s not always fun and games. It’s hard to even know what they’re thinking sometimes let alone try to date them! I recently read this article on Yahoo! that explained dating myths that make a lot of men and women get scared at the thought of dating someone because they fear rejection and being ignored. And it go me to thinking, I know I may be good at giving dating advice, but what if I take it on a different level and share marriage survival tips soon?! 😀 LOL. Contact me on and let me know what you think… And feel free to hit me up for dating advice, or yoga tips while you’re there!

Right, I’m off for a much needed drink! Catch up with you all soon.