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How to Impress an Animal-Loving Girl

There are girls who love their pets. They cuddle occasionally, they feed them, they walk them, they play with them every now and then, and they post photos of them on Facebook. And then there are girls who loooove their pets. They love their pets so much that they dedicate a whole part of their lives for their little furry friend (or scaly or stingy or whatever pet they choose to have). They live with them, they talk a lot about them, and they will expect their future lovers to love their future partners to love their pets, or at least love that person pets and all.

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This won’t be too difficult if you yourself are a great fan of animals. It would actually work to your advantage if you can have a date out of walking your pets together, going to the doggy park, having pet play dates, comparing reptiles, or choosing the right show-standard fish together.

But what if you’re not a pet lover?

Impress her

How do you impress a girl who is so dedicated to her pet when you don’t exactly fancy these four-legged companions? Here are some tips:

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You don’t have to pretend to love her pets; show her what you love and accept her pet openly – that would mean a lot to her more than you can imagine. Guys, if you want her to want you badly, follow this advice from

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