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Gentleman's Guide on How to Behave in a Bar

Bars: humanity’s easiest, fastest answer to the need to socialize, flirt, and forget reality. Bars are so versatile, so social, and in so many ways – very useful especially with people’s dating lives. I’ve seen so many bar hookups that turned to dates; some even ended up in the happily ever after of marriages.

But because bars are still places for extreme alcohol consumption, it makes for the perfect excuse to act sloppy and stupid, idiotic, and probably any other way to make girls cringe and run away from you. But that should never be – especially not if you dare call yourself a “gentleman”.

If you’re looking to improve your “marketability”, and seal your deal as a true blue gentleman when you’re out drinking with your friends or alone at the bar, here are some very important guidelines to follow:

·         Never get drunk. That’s the most important rule in being a true blue gentleman at bars. Just because it’s an alcohol buffet and everyone’s acting crazy does not mean you should do the same. Getting drunk will rid you of so many things and rob you of so many opportunities to meet the right women. See, ladies hardly ever get drunk, especially in public. So give yourself the decency and the right to present yourself the way you want and deserve to be without getting your proper mind drowned in alcohol.

·         Choose your liquor properly. A gentleman is measured by his choice of drink. Since it’s a bar, you cannot be asking for milk or juice – unless you’re going in with your mommy and your backpack. Beer gives you a belly, and maybe wine is best at the wine bar and be done in your tux or black coat. Go for vodka, scotch, whisky, or maybe a rhum cocktail. Leave the neon-colored drinks to the ladies too.

·         Never drink and drive. It sends a bad message to the ladies. It makes you look irresponsible, and it is actually quite irresponsible to do so. Girls like men who are in control of themselves and those who take responsibility so don’t come in your car or at least have someone else do the driving for you.

·         Don’t act crazy. Just because you’re in a bar does not mean you can talk without manners or act like a total idiot – especially if you’re aware of what you’re doing. Trash talking the other guys, hooting the pretty ladies, and dancing with the intention of touching them ladies in provocative or rude ways on the dance floor. A gentleman respects a lady wherever and whenever he is. If you want to steal a girl then know the proper ways on how to seduce a woman with a boyfriend.

·         Treat the bartender well. Just because you’re paying for your drinks, and just because he’s technically ‘serving’ you does not mean you can walk all over the bartender and be a total a-hole. Treat everyone nicely, decently and respectfully. Trust me, your good deeds will attract the ladies.


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