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Gentleman's Guide: What Your Alcohol Choice Says About You

Did you know that your choice of alcohol can tell a thing or two about you?

Just as your clothing of choice tells a lot about your personality, your drink of choice at a bar will tell a thing or two about you. And it’s not just some drunkard’s stereotyping; it’s a social study.

Because drinking is part and parcel of socializing and well, flirting and dating, might as well know what your drink says about you and what it tells them ladies about you. Oh, and greatly tells the kind of women you attract too.

Look up to find your favorite liquor and see if it says the right thing about your personality:

·         Tequila: Ahh the drink of the young and the adventurous with an inclination for the crazy. Tequila is made for those late nights with friends and crazy party til sunrise kind of night – especially if its tequila straight. It is the kind of drink that makes the talkative more talkative and the shy uninhibited. But really, if your choice of drink is tequila, you’re unlikely to be shy anyway.

·         Whisky: Choice of the refined and the tough. Plain tough men drink beer or maybe rum, a la Jack Sparrow. Plain refined men go for wine. Regular men drink light beer. But whisky – whisky is the choice of the refined but tough men. This is the drink of men who grow mustaches and wear gold watches and speak in loud voices. They are the men who run construction offices and drink with their men. They are the politicians who need to toughen up at the end of each political debate. They are men who show their point with conviction, but say it in a decent manner.

·         Rum: Rum drinkers are pretty much the old-fashioned ones. They are those who enjoy the simple things, they talk and live simply and they are likely to be soft-spoken too. Rum is always best enjoyed with Coke – it’s simple, easy and uncomplicated. And that’s exactly what rum drinkers are.

·         Vodka: you’re the life of the party. You like being on top and you like being looked up to. It’s the drink of the sophisticated party goers, even when you are fully aware that it’s just as simple as beer in some parts of Eastern Europe. It’s the more sophisticated version of tequila, and so you think you are more sophisticated than most other partygoers. Pretty egotistic in my opinion. *Wink*

·         Wine: the drink of the truly sophisticated; the thing of the gentlemen, and the drink of the middle aged people. You can hardly find a person in their early 20s chugging on some Pinot Noir or Merlot – unless, of course, if they’re the types of men you see on Gossip Girl who wear tuxedoes to sleep. Wine is the choice of drink of the mild and refined; men who drink wine are good conversationalists. They are the ones who listen well and tell stories better because they have just had the right amount of alcohol for guts but not too much kick to cloud their brains.

·         Beer: light or regular beer, it is for the average Joe around. Nothing special, nothing crazy nor anything notable. Very simple, with the light beer drinkers usually more mellow in character. Beer drinkers are usually practical thinkers. Never too friendly, never too snob – just somewhere in the middle.

So, which drink are you?

- TJ!


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