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A Case of NGSB

NGSB: No Girlfriend Since Birth

How often do we find straight men over 20 who has never had a girlfriend in their entire lives? It’s pretty hard to find a virgin in that age, let alone one who’s never had a girlfriend at all. That is why it is understandable why guys in this situation can get extremely frustrated.(click here)

For one, social stigma dictates that a girlfriend is the first stage off being a boy and most members of the male kind start as early as their pre-pubescent years. If a boy fails at this, he will risk social ridicule and female rejection when they reach past their teen years without ever having a girlfriend.

While this situation would be more easily acceptable for women, it is highly difficult in men. Men are supposed to be pursuing women as soon as they realize that they are males and the longer they take at it, the more difficult it becomes.

Because you’re reading this, there’s a 90% chance that you’re actually one of them. You are looking for a way out of it.

Here are some tips and guidelines:

Someone somewhere out there is waiting for a guy exactly like you. So don’t lose your hope. Good luck!




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