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How to Avoid Being Duped in an Online Relationship

Online dating is awesome. You get to escape the usual hassles of traditional dating, you don’t have to go through much of the pressures of getting to know someone, you can take as much time as you want, not to mention that it’s really cheap, and best of all, it allows you to ‘create’ a better version of yourself as you hide behind the security of your computer screen.

However, as with anything awesome and seemingly perfect, well, they don’t really turn out as perfect as they seem. In the case of online dating, the biggest drawback comes from the fact that you can be anyone you want to be. The internet is so open and so free that a conman can easily transform himself to a total angel.

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Smart Tips

And where romance comes into the picture, emotions are vulnerable, there is reason to believe that the level of danger goes double. That is why it is very important to put your mind first, heart second where online dating is concerned.

So here are some smart tips on how to keep yourself from getting duped in online relationships:

  1. Never, ever give out your personal information. Gentlemen, that woman you thought was the most beautiful you’ve met, could be some guy with as much facial hair as you waiting for a chance to rob your identity. Identity theft is a serious crime and the internet is making it so much easier for these identity thieves do commit their crimes. So keep yourself and your family as well as your finances safe from these crooks by never giving out your most personal information. Use your nickname instead of your full name, never give out your middle name in your profile, and never put your full address in there too! And never give it even when your online date, a girl who claims to be a girl hotter than Sofia Vergara, begs for it. Just. Don’t.
  2. Ask tons of questions. Ask the same questions again some other time. This will give you a sure but subtle chance to ask and verify information that you special online friend gives you. Spare them the questions that are rather too personal; or at least until you’re both getting quite serious. Let your better judgment – which should always be higher than your heart – tell you whether the information they give is a little shady or credible.
  3. Don’t meet until you’re quite sure she isn’t too shady. This is the great thing about online dating – you can take as long as you possibly can. There’s absolutely no need to rush things so take as long as you can trying to get to know that girl. Long Distance Relationship Works!
  4. Do a bit of research about her. A little Google search should likely provide you with something from her Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Google+ and whichever social media account she owns. Several profiles (if you can get a hold of them) that yield the same information are usually a good indication of credibility, but then remember, anyone can be anyone on the internet.
  5. Take everything lightly. This is the internet, the only place where a pug could have the body of an owl and where Jackie Chan has been killed repeatedly in hoax reports. So anyone can be just about anybody on the internet so take things lightly. Take everything like your mother’s nagging – let some go to your head, let most go from one ear out through the other. That shouldn’t be that hard.

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