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Dating Your Best Friend

Ahh, why can’t this just be everyone’s love story? When the person you are married to knows you inside out, when there is nothing to hide because you know that your partner has long accepted you for who you are; when your relationship is based on real, solid friendship and not because he loves your boobs or because she loves your popularity.

Why can’t best friends falling in love be everyone’s love story? Here are the sad answers: (1) because most people – best friends – are afraid of losing their precious friendship should they break up, and (2) because supposed best friends jumped into the relationship bandwagon a little too soon.

Because best friends are afraid of losing their friendship

We’ve seen it echoed in one too many Hollywood chick flicks, and we’ve heard the stories from our friends and friends of friends. There is a reason to believe that being best friends, let alone good friends, is a more valuable relationship than being a couple and so many of these best friends choose friendship over their supposed budding romance simply because the latter is so much more vulnerable to failure than the former. After all, you can break up with your girlfriend, and never with your best friend. Intercepted.

When friends fight, it’s so much easier to hang out and make up. But when lovers fight, there is are always tons of other things to consider, ways of seeing things at a different angle, and there is always the looming option of breaking up. In this situation, this is putting so much brain where the heart should have

Because supposed best friends jumped into a romantic relationship a little too soon

Some people, on the other hand, mistake the slightest signs of compatibility as something that could make for a great relationship. And for all we know, it was gone as fast as they jumped into the relationship.

See, being best friends with someone from the opposite sex can be quite confusing. It is comfortable, it is warm and nice, and these exact same feelings are very close with the exact same warm comfortable feelings of a romantic relationship. And due to a variety of contributing factors, these people just jump into that loving comfortable feeling without thinking things through and just letting the heart take over everything.

How to successfully date your best friend and end up in a lasting romantic relationship

The great thing about falling in love with your best friend is that you know when the romantic stuff is on the rocks, there is always a good and solid friendship to fall back to and be enough a drive to salvage the relationship. There’s history, there’s comfort, there’s love that goes beyond attraction. The downside of it lies in the fact that there could be nothing else other than just the warm comforts of good ol’ friendship and it gets too comfortable that neither partner makes an effort to take the romance up the notch just because they are best friends.

If you think that you are falling for your best friend, here are some tips that would make that transition from friends to lovers smooth sailing, and eventually transform it into a lasting relationship:


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