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Are Your Friends Hurting Your Chances at Women

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” may not exactly be the most accurate way to judge a person’s character, but if you’re trying to judge someone from afar, your friends and their characters may be their only gauge in judging the kind of person you are.

And this could be a great thing and a bad thing, all depending on the kind of company you keep.

But wait, first of all know how the art of maintaining long distance relationships.

How Your Friends are Hurting Your Chances at Women

See, the company you keep becomes a reflection of yourself. After all, like minds think alike. It’s only natural and logical for people to assume that you are practically the same people, interested in the same things, doing the same stuff, and are cut from the same pie. SO if your friends are rowdy, rude to women, a bunch of players, or generally turn-offish to most women’s standards, you had better work elsewhere on your A-game in dating away from these men.

However, this is not the only way that your friends could hurt your chances at women. Keeping a generally more handsome gang of friends will more or less make you look a little less handsome than you actually are. After all, what else would be a better way to gauge the looks of a man than to look at the man next to him, right?

From competition to being a bad reflection of yourself to providing the wrong dating advice, it seems like friends really can hurt your dating life! What do you do?

How to Make Sure that Your Friends Don’t Affect Your Dating Chances

No, you don’t necessarily have to change your set of friends to a bunch of less than average looking men or befriend the saintly gentlemen just so they don’t hurt your chances with women. You don’t even have to fully avoid your buddies just so you could focus on your dating life and make sure that women will notice you for who you are not for who your friends are.

But you might have to change one thing about yourself. When you’re out with your guy buddies and you’re expecting to have women around, make sure that you stand out from them. Always look your best, behave your best, and let your beautiful character shine through you

Do you know how long distance relationship works?

If your friends are doing something awful, something that could probably turn women off, stop yourself from doing it simply because you’re different from your buddies on so many levels.

However, you don’t exactly need to look at your friends as competition or distraction. After all, your friends have been there longer than the girl you’re courting, and they’d probably stay even if your relationship with the girl turns sour.

Simply said, what I’m really trying to say is that you can always enjoy the company of your friends but don’t forget to make yourself always – always – shine through. Women will notice you for it and not for how your friends look or behave.

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