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Signs that She is NOT the One

At some point in a relationship, you ask yourself “am I with the right person?C” because you start looking at the long term. You realize, somehow, if it is worth sticking with that person for the long haul or if you are both wasting each other’s time.

Reality Bites

When the orgasm pipes down, when there is practically nothing to do with each other, or when you are away, do you still think about her? Does the thought of her make you happy? Or is the girl you’re dating only good enough for dating and you should never pop the question to her?

The truth is, cheating on you isn't the only sign that you should let her go.

Here are some signs that the girl you’re dating is NOT the one and you should probably let her go and give her and yourself the chance to enjoy someone else’s (better) company:

  • She makes you feel sorry about being yourself and she wants to change you to her standards. She makes you feel sorry about being yourself and she wants to change you to her standards. “You should be this…” and “you should be that…just like…” are two things you would never EVER want to hear from your partner. When dating, things like this don’t really come easy to detect but can only be assessed by the way she makes you feel. She can start with being critical about you in a way that is anything but constructive.

  • She never listens. This is where a lot of divorces come from – lack of good communication. If you cannot get her to listen, and if she couldn’t take it upon herself to shut up and listen to what you’ve got to say, then you are better off without each other. It’s a manner of mutual respect that creates a good avenue for communication.

  • sneaking

  • She does not trust you. She checks your phone, she stalks you, she screens your Facebook friends, and insists on getting the contacts of ALL of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and your dog. I hate to break it to you but you have got a serial jealous on your back homey. If you do not want to lose your social and real life, if you do not want to be drowned in her shadow and live under her permission, you have to let this kind of woman go.

  • She wants to be with you day in and day out, night and day. The only thing she probably hasn’t done is be with you while you take a dump. You now have a serious clingy-girl trouble and sticking with this kind of girl would have you say bye-bye to your social life…FOREVER. Here are some other reasons why you should avoid a clingy girl.

  • shopper

  • She is illogically brand- and price-conscious. Was the first thing she noticed about you your crocodile-skin shoes? Does she live knee-deep in credit because she insists on wearing haute couture brands? Does she judge people based on the brands they wear? Or how expensive their or your things are? You’d be in deeper trouble when you learn that she lives on credit card bill one after another and has a hard time paying her rent to insist on her high profile lifestyle.

If your current fling manifests two or more of these indicators, run out the backdoor as soon as you can.