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5 Movies You and Your Date Would Love to Watch Together

Men’s and women’s taste vary in most probably anything - from food to fashion to movies. Especially in movies.

It is a bit of a challenge to find a movie that you and your date would both fully enjoy. You know, something that is so sweet it makes your girl go “Awwww” but still interesting enough to keep you from falling asleep or becoming lactose intolerant from the cheesiness of it. You can’t really force yourself to guffaw at chick flicks the way we girls do. And we really cannot easily let go of the need for a good romance in our choice of movies.

But then again, I said a bit of a challenge, I didn’t say impossible. And hey this should also be in TJ's list of budget-friendly dates.

So I’ve rounded up the deepest crevices of Hollywood’s movie archives and listed the top 5 cheesy/romance laden movies that will keep you and your lady interested and should make your movie marathon list:

  • Armageddon– love story, check. Action, check. Family drama, check. Comedy, yes, check. There is something for everyone and there is not a thing that’s not to love about this classic apocalypse movie. Seriously, it’s Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. And, more importantly what’s not to love about Liv Tyler? And no girl could stop her tears from falling when Bruce and Liv exchange goodbyes through the monitor for the very last time. That’s one perfect opportunity to offer a shoulder to cry on for your date; so, cuddle worthy moment – Check!

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – it’s a classic Romeo and Juliet, goth style. The classic, epic battle between the vampires and the werewolves comes even more alive in the love story embedded in the movie plot. That’s one great movie to watch together. Actually, that’s a heck of a trilogy to watch together.

  • popcorn

  • Silverlinings Playbook – Jennifer Lawrence would never have won an Oscars for this if it came short of fabulous. And Bradley Cooper could not be any better in it either. But what’s even more interesting about the movie is the story itself. It’s fun to watch how their relationship with each other and with the people around them developed even while they are coping with their own crazies. It’s sexy, it’s funny, and yes, it is crazy. Excelsior!

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy – all three movies will keep you up all night. This is one example of what ‘epic’ movie should be. And wouldn’t it be fun to become fans of this legendary movie together? Oh, and you would also get to poke LOTR jokes at each other, or chide each other with LOTR secret codes.

  • Ironman – women love Tony Stark. Men love him even more. Put up with all three movies on your BluRay, iron suit up, and learn a thing or two about being the irresistible to women. Or at least to your date.

They’re not cheesy, they’re not too gooey-girly, but she’ll enjoy these movies just as much as you. That’s a win-win situation right there for you buddy. Now where’s the popcorn?