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Using Hypnosis to Attract Women to You

Covert hypnosis, also known as underground hypnosis, is very powerful, yet not a lot of people know much about it. In case you didn't know, you can use covert hypnosis to get women to do things for you whenever you want them to - believe it.

Covert Hypnosis and Women

Men who use this particular technique of underground hypnosis almost have a magical power that magnetically attracts women. In fact, a lot of Casanova types have already mastered this technique to attract women to themselves with ease.

Although women may also use this particular tactic to influence men to do their bidding, it seems that women are much easier to influence when it comes to this because of how much more emotional they are, in general. Most women who turn to hynosis use it in birthing.

In a nutshell, covert hypnosis puts words to use that penetrate into a woman's core. If you use the necessary words properly, you can actually get women to do practically anything and seduce them with ease, no matter how little knowledge you have in the matter. The best part is that women won't even notice that you are using hypnosis to attract them in the first place.

How it Works

Another great advantage that comes with covert hypnosis is that you will be able to make women experience intense erotic episodes whenever you want them to - the kinds that women never seem to forget.

Ideally, you should set your lights down low and play some soft music to really set the mood. Some of the words that you can use to successfully hypnotize a woman could include, "I want to really understand your soul, and get you to open your heart and mind to my words, so that you can release all of the inhibitions and emotions that are holding you back."

Naturally, this script is very basic, so you can add more onto it. It is just important for you to get the overall idea. Once you know how to properly put your own hypnosis script together, you will then have the power to make women squeal, blush and open themselves up to various possibilities.

Some of the women who have already been hypnotized this way in the past have openly admitted that this technique definitely had an erotic impact on them. A lot of them even started wishing that all men would talk that way because it made them feel more connected to their partners in the long run.


Obviously, the aforementioned script should only be used on women that you have already known for a while. If you have just met a woman and would like to use this particular technique on her, then it would be best to come up with a different seduction script.

Easy to Learn

How to meet women and attract them are two different things. Either way, as long as you use your scripts properly, the women that you use them on will have no idea about what you are doing. Fortunately, it is quite easy to learn these scripts and even easier to fit them into your daily conversations. You can even look for hypnosis courses online that can teach you more about this, if you want.