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How to Win a Woman's Heart

Hi buddies! I was reviewing my posts and I've realized I haven't given you the "general rules" yet. I've posted specific topics, but never broader ones. I'm sorry about that. So here's making up for it..

While getting a woman to give you her number is one thing, how to get a girl to love you is something else. I'd say something MORE challenging yet more rewarding.

Here are the top 7 tips to help you increase your chances of success while learning how to win a woman's heart:

Winning Her Heart

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  • Heal your broken heart. If your ex girlfriend just broke up with your recently, then you have to give yourself time to heal first. Do not rush into the arms of another woman just to get over the emptiness and the pain that you might feel at the moment. Ask yourself, are you in love or on the rebound? This will only result in another failed relationship and more wasted time in the end.

  • Do not be too available. If you are just about to go on a first date with a woman, do not be too available to her. In fact, you should cancel the first plans that you make with her and reschedule them. This will keep her guessing for longer and ensure that she stays interested in you for longer, as well

  • Keep your feelings to yourself Even if your heart is already bursting with love for a woman, do not show her how you feel. Do not shower her with too many compliments or tell her you love her within the first few months. Take things slow and keep some of the tension and mystery alive for as long as possible. Who knows? You might realize that you were merely infatuated with her and don't actually want to stick around her for the long haul.

  • Drop the gentleman game. Leave all of the romantic gestures at the door. Let's face it: you're a man and you won't be able to keep up with the game of romance. If you act like a complete gentleman now, your woman might get used to it and start expecting too much from you in the future.

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  • Leave the gadgets at home. The very least you can do is not tinker with your gadgets while you are out with a woman. Not only will this make her feel like you don't care, but she might get hurt and leave you because of it. Spend some quality time with her and actually have deep conversations with her - she will definitely appreciate that.

  • Be open about your whereabouts. Regardless of whether you just started dating or whether you have been in a relationship for a long time now, do not be secretive or aloof about your whereabouts and plans. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to share every single detail of your day with her; but in order for a relationship to last, it would be vital for you to share bits and pieces of it with her, so that she feels like she is a part of it, too.

  • List down her best qualities. Women love being pampered and complimented. So, once you bag the woman of your dreams and turn her into your girlfriend, make sure you tell her how beautiful she looks on a regular basis. Make sure you compliment her on other things in a sincere and genuine manner, too, though, like how she always makes you feel better when you're down.

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Your Prize

So you won her heart, okay. But it doesn't end there dude. Winning her heart means taking care of it and keeping it alive. Just like in the lottery, you take care of your winnings. After all, it's hard-earned.