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Why Female Friends and Relatives Can Be Good for Your Love Life

We’ve heard stories about female friends and relatives getting too much in the way of men’s relationships. Girls talk too much, judge too soon, and cannot seem to bear the agony of waiting for the right moment to tell or show dislike towards another girl. Girls also become extremely protective of their male friends and family that the girlfriend or potential girlfriend ends up being an instant competition.

And so, we’ve heard often enough too, about why your female friends and family could be so harmful to a budding relationship. But hey, that’s not fair! Females can be of help, too – more than you think they can! There was one time, I want my ex back, and so I followed this guide at

Why You Shouldn't Drop Your Female Friends Off Your List

  • You need inside scoop on the female mind. No one knows a girl better than another girl. We all share the same hormones that make us tick, and more often than not, we are each other’s shrinks. If your girlfriend is acting weird, your guy friends would not be able to know that it was because you forgot to send her a ‘kissie’ on your goodnight text. Or that you forgot today was the day you met at the coffee shop. Girls know how girls think.

  • You need someone to tell you if you look good enough. Tell me, frankly if you please, how it would feel to ask your bromance guy how you look like in a red shirt compared to a white shirt. Ask your best guy buddy if you look good enough for a date, or if your hair looks great. Awkward! If you want to know whether your girl will like your outfit or not, ask another girl. It all looks the same to the average guy.

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  • You would need some female creativity.We can’t blame you if you wouldn’t know what gift would make us happy if we have just started dating. But a few suggestions from the ladies won’t hurt. Sure we have different tastes, but on the general scale, we can at least figure out what certain gifts would get yays and which ones get nays.

  • It makes you look like a nice guy.This is with the exception of friends. Female friends are not blood relatives and therefore potential girlfriends so this only applies to your mom and sisters and lady cousins. When guys are close with the females in his family, it automatically gives him the ‘caring, family guy’ image - that he knows he will take care of you the same way he does his family. It almost always gets a nod, especially for girls who are looking to commit.

  • Your girl wouldn’t always have fun with your guy buddies. This is pretty rare but still, it’s possible. Your girl might feel less intimidated and out of place if there your female friends are around on their night out. Warning: this does not mean you take one of your female friends to go out with you and your girl – that is fatal, either woman would feel like the third wheel. So do this in groups.

  • Whether or not men and women can be "just friends" depends on you. See, women are just feisty in the beginning. That’s only instinctive, you can’t blame Mother Nature for that. Don’t completely reject the other females in your life just because you’re starting a relationship. Remember, girlfriends can break up with you but bond and blood-sisters won’t!