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"I Think She's Cheating on Me"

Uhoh. Red flag!!!

There’s no excuse for cheating in a relationship. It’s a very selfish act. As much as I despise cheating men, I have no respect for women who cheat. That is just an absolute form of injustice and selfishness that deserves a special place in hell.

While men who cheat are more common, there are still girls who could not stop themselves from looking at how much greener, bigger, wider, and more vibrant the other side of the fence is. While it is hard for women to detect it despite them having generally stronger intuitions, I understand that it is so much harder for men who are less sensitive in these kinds of matters. And no, that’s not necessarily your fault. Your bodies are just not wired for it.

And so, you may need a little help on these things. Here are some signs, according to SIBG (Matthew Ganz), that indicate your ladylove is having a little too much fun without you (but with some other man…ouch!):

The (Dreaded) Signs

cheating woman

  • She’s distracted. She can’t seem to be in the same room as you – literally and figuratively. She might just be thinking about work but if it happens too frequently, then you should start worrying about something.

  • She stops being intimate with you. She’s not on PMS, she’s not on her period, she’s having an “okay” time at work but she does not have the drive to kiss and cuddle and have sex with you. Basically, she’s beginning to lose her attraction towards you and she may even get annoyed at you for thinking it.

  • She can’t look you in the eye. Eye contact is one of the most common and easiest forms of trust and confidence. If she can’t look you in the eye every time you are alone with each other and she frequently looks away from you, then she must be feeling guilty over something.

  • She avoids being alone with you. When she starts getting detached from you, she hates being in the same room as you and being alone with you. She may be avoiding being questioned or of you noticing the changes in her behavior. But one alarming news is that some women are better cheaters than men, making it more difficult for us to tell.

  • She is happier after going out alone and is temperamental around you. When you notice her going out on her own more frequently and she has a different aura of happiness in her, something (or someone) else must be making her happy. And a cheating woman almost always tries to pick up fights to get away.

  • She can hardly say “I Love You” to you the same way. When her words of love used to be caramel-laced, and you start noticing how distant and empty it sounds these days, and maybe looks away from you when she says it, you may have a cheating girl problem.

How to Deal

They say that there are certain personalities who are likely to cheat. And you might want to check your woman's personality against the list. When you can’t help your suspicions anymore, the best way is to take a step back and observe her more clearly. And when you’re almost certain about your suspicions, it is best to talk to her about it calmly. Any violent confrontations won’t do you or her any good.

I hope no one gets into this situation but, let's get real.