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How to Seduce a Woman on the Phone

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woman on phone

Were you able to successfully coax a woman into giving you her phone number recently? Are you thinking of calling her up now? Are you worried because you have no idea what to say to her after she picks up or what you can talk about to make her interested in you and make her want to go out on a date with you in the end? What should you do?

Well, if you want to learn how to seduce a woman on the phone, you need to go in with the full knowledge that it is completely different than seducing a woman at a bar or a club - that's for sure. It doesn't even matter if this is the first time you're calling her or the hundredth time. The fact of the matter is that seduction over the phone comes with many more risks, in general, since you will have to work your charms very quickly and think on your feet at all times. After all, if the conversation gets boring, she could come up with an excuse to hang up the phone right away and stop talking to you.

Don't worry, though. There are several fast and easy techniques out there that you can learn to increase your chances of seducing a woman on the phone. In fact, once you master these techniques, women won't be able to get enough of you and will want to talk to you over the phone for days on end. Keep reading to find out what these techniques are and become irresistible to women over the phone in no time.

  • Make her laugh.The first hurdle over the phone is pretty easy to overcome; just use some humor. Basically, you have to make her laugh within the first couple of minutes of talking to her over the phone. This should actually be your only goal within those first few minutes. Once you get her to laugh, you shouldn't have any trouble reeling her in and keeping her interested in you anymore - at least not for another few minutes anyway.

  • Come up with a cliffhanger.The second hurdle over the phone can be overcome with a cliffhanger. At some point in your conversation, you will reach a social hook. This would be your cue to tell her a cool story. Make sure you cut the story short, though. This will give you an excuse to call her again some other time. Plus, you will pique her curiosity this way, which will, in turn, make her long to talk to you again right after you hang up the phone.

  • Learn hypnosis.This technique is quite advanced. However, if you succeed at mastering it, you can get the results that you want with ease. Basically, what you have to do is send her on a rollercoaster of emotions over the phone, so that she feels happy and sad at alternating times. Since women love drama, this is sure to get her hooked onto you in just 15 minutes of talking.

  • Be yourself. Women sense it when you're unnatural. Heck, even men can tell! So be natural, be yourself. You wouldn't want her to like somebody else, right?

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