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What Your First Date Location Choices Say About You

While men and women are already enjoying equal status in most parts of the world, traditions and familiarity in relationship roles are still intact for many of us. Deciding where to go on a first date is almost always a man’s obligation.

And this is something a lot of men fail to see. They are less conscious about how much this can affect the girl’s first impression on them. They fail to see how much the date location’s environment can help make your date feel comfortable, happy, relaxed – or otherwise. Reserve budget-friendly dates for later.

On top of that, your choice of date location says a lot about you too. So where you take her will give her an idea – or at least make her think that she does have an idea – of the kind of person you are. Fancy restaurant dinner? Movie? Theme park? Know what your choice of first date location says about you to make the right impression.

  • MoviesBoring. Taking your date to the movies will make her think you are boring; that you are too boring you can hardly sit for a few hours alone with a girl for a conversation. See, the movie gives you an excuse to skip the talking and save it for when you take her home (if she lets you). It’s something a dorky high school boy would do on his first date with his middle school crush or something – where he hopes they end up holding hands at the very least or making out a little at best. If you’re going to take her to the movies, at least wait til the second or third date to do it. That, or at least make your choice of movie and movie theater impressive.

  • Wine Bar – Ooh, fancier than a fancy restaurant. You are either very topnotch or pretending to be and trying to suck up to your boss. So, you’re a higher level of elite (wannabe) than the fancy resto guy. The line that separates the classy and the pretender is how well you know your wines and cheeses. If you choose this place, might as well take a crash course in wines.

  • Diner or Fastfood - Cheap. No girl gets impressed at a diner for a first date except maybe if you could get the cooks and waiters to sing her a lovely medley of Frank Sinatra’s or Nat King Cole’s. Or at least anything awesome like that.

  • diner
  • Fancy restaurant – you are the I-wanna-impress-her-but-I-can’t-think-of-anything-else. Well, the fancy, candlelit dinner type with some operatic music on the violin is playing in the background is very classic, but not thought of enough. Impress her with how well you know the menu and your table manners or die trying on the caviar.

  • Picnic in the park or fishing by the lake - Adventurous and wants to impress that way. You may strike her as the romantic kind, loving nature and all, but at least make it a comfortable experience for her. If you end up feeding her to the mosquitoes or making her starve after hours of not getting a catch, or feeding her with picnic food that’s less than palatable, then you may be un-thoughtful.

  • boat by the lake

While these may not always be true, these are what these choices naturally say about you. So make a wise choice!