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TJ's Style: How to Get Her to Give You Her Number

Getting a girl’s number is an ancient part of the dating game that dates as far back as telephones were invented. Okay maybe not that long, but it’s been there for as long as you and I can imagine. And because no one hardly shares a phone with the entire family anymore (hello mobile phones), it’s a whole lot easier because men are in no risk of having to go through one or two other members of the family before getting to talk to the girl. And yet, it’s more challenging because phones have become personal entities and it’s almost like asking for her home address so she’d be so reluctant to give it out.

And remember, asking a girl out on a date via text might not be an option, ok?


It’s a game of push and pull, of who plays the words and cards – the convincer or the giver. How long does it take for the guy to convince the girl? How long does the girl make him beg until he walks away or until he convinces her?

The Sought-After Digits

But because it’s part of the dating game, might as well play along with it. Here are some tips for you dear men on how to get the girl you fancy to give you her number:

  • Start with a conversation. No, you are not to jump into the girl’s personal space and randomly say “can I get your number”. That’s just dumb. If you've thought about that, consider yourself an amateur and get some more lessons in ways to attract women. It makes you look like a creep and a loser to the ladies. Remember, mobile phones are considered personal stuff and you’d have to earn their trust to earn the phone number. Find a common ground. Have a common friend introduce you. Or introduce yourself without looking creepy. When she finds herself comfortable with you, it would be a whole lot easier to pitch in the “hey by the way, can I get your number?” line without creeping her out. And if you did well during the conversation and you were such a charmer, she might give it to you before you even asked.

  • Make it sound official. So maybe you both work in the same industry. Or you are doing business that she might be interested in or the other way around. Or you know someone who might need her real estate agent services or teaching services or whatever official business she reveals to you during your conversation. The way to get her number is “oh hey, I know someone who might be interested in your products. Give me your number and I’ll tell her about you” or something along those lines.

  • Don’t sound desperate. Decent women despise it, and evil women will love it and torture you for it. As much as possible, be casual about it, like you’re not going to die if she doesn’t give it to you. Maybe even propose you exchange numbers so she does not get creeped out at the thought of giving her number to a random stranger.

The Surprise Call

Keep it classy dude. Don’t leave soon after getting her number – it makes girls feel used. And oh, if she or you are a bit reluctant about phone numbers, get her email or Facebook name instead. And don’t call her RIGHT AWAY. That’s part of the being casual part – when she thinks you’ve forgotten about her, surprise her with a very casual call.

When you finally decide to call her, please read this first. It's amusingly funny but extremely helpful.

That was easy, right?.