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I previously talked about how to get you a date after college in this post. So you've managed to ask that beautiful woman out. And she said YES! And then it dawned on you that you are living off on your first few paychecks, which means you're nearly broke all the time.

Most of the time it’s not the emptiness in our hearts that holds us back from going out with special people…it’s the emptiness in our...WALLETS!

And I believe that is especially difficult for men who still feel like they need to impress their ladies by paying for their meals. But hey, we all do understand the thing called ‘recession’. Five-course dinners with caviar, liver pate and fillet mignon with wine are just not called for.


Can't Buy Me Love: TJ's Romantic Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

How do you enjoy a date without so much as burning a hole in your wallets? How do you impress your girl on a date without risking a week’s worth of meals? The answer is always this: creativity. Oh that and a lot of honesty that you just can’t go Hollywood grand on your dinner date. So here are my simple and creative tips on budget-friendly dating:

Have Fun...Together!

Dating should be fun for both of you. Dates aren't only for women to enjoy. If your dates are taking a toll on your savings account, then it isn't fun.

Quality time need not be expensive. Bank on your creativity and find something that you both would enjoy doing together. Tell you what, this is a recommended reading you should not pass on. Or better yet, brainstorm together and discover things both of you have never done before!



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