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TJ's Budget-Friendly Dates

I previously talked about how to get you a date after college in this post. So you've managed to ask that beautiful woman out. And she said YES! And then it dawned on you that you are living off on your first few paychecks, which means you're nearly broke all the time.

Most of the time it’s not the emptiness in our hearts that holds us back from going out with special people…it’s the emptiness in our...WALLETS!

And I believe that is especially difficult for men who still feel like they need to impress their ladies by paying for their meals. But hey, we all do understand the thing called ‘recession’. Five-course dinners with caviar, liver pate and fillet mignon with wine are just not called for.

Can't Buy Me Love: TJ's Romantic Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

How do you enjoy a date without so much as burning a hole in your wallets? How do you impress your girl on a date without risking a week’s worth of meals? The answer is always this: creativity. Oh that and a lot of honesty that you just can’t go Hollywood grand on your dinner date. So here are my simple and creative tips on budget-friendly dating:

  • Home-cooked meals – this ALWAYS works. You should take advantage of the fact that women still believe that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ so a simple home cooked meal will do. Cannot tell a spatula from a wooden spoon? That’s where you’ll need Mommy-reinforcement! Get her over to your house, whip up something fancy on your mini-table, have a sweet (or scary) movie going and tell her how much you struggled over making the family-recipe meat loaf. Or, for some true quality time together, challenge her to a cook off.

  • Mc Donald’s with a twist – I normally would not recommend getting a McD’s for a date. But when the situation calls for it, go ahead and pack up a McDonald’s meal, bring a cute little basket, and take her to one of the most amazing places in your area. It could be by the beach or up a hill that overlooks the city. Set up a mini-picnic on the hood of the car and make sure you didn’t have too many onions on your meal. You might end up getting kissed under the stars for your creativity. You can even take her to the beach, feel the sand and water with your feet and wait for the sunset.

  • beachdate

  • Drive-in movies – the popular date options of the yesteryears are just as sweet as they are in today’s 3D movie generation. Pack up on some munchies, fill the car with pillows and blankies and cuddle in the front seat and watch some sweet movie under the stars. Lean closer when the scene gets extra romantic!

  • Fruit picking – go to a farm nearby whose produce are in season. You might want to check the nearest farm's picking schedules first so you won't end up empty handed. Look as rustic as you can and pretend that you are lovers from a distant decade. It will both get you cracking up plus you get your much needed amount of sun and healthy fruits.

  • Play board games over popcorn and some cheap white wines – truth or dare is always so much better (and sexier!) when done with someone special. But who says that’s all the game you could play together? Take out all your board games – from monopoly to chess to scrabble – and prepare a fish bowl of consequences and treats for the loser and the winner respectively. (Note: Be creative with the rewards and consequences).

Have Fun...Together!

Dating should be fun for both of you. Dates aren't only for women to enjoy. If your dates are taking a toll on your savings account, then it isn't fun.

Quality time need not be expensive. Bank on your creativity and find something that you both would enjoy doing together. Or better yet, brainstorm together and discover things both of you have never done before!