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A Guy’s Guide to Dating After College (a.k.a. The Men Women Want Outside the University)


You have finally achieved one of the biggest milestones in your life - a college diploma. Armed with this, you head on to become part of the nation’s labor force, lose the baggy jeans and college hoodies for the coat and tie, and reduce your drinking binge to just 2 nights a week a.k.a. Friday and Saturday.

The Real World

While a great part of you is rejoicing in triumphing over those grueling years of getting a college education, you feel like a part of you is dying inside: youthful fun and dating. No more frat-sor parties, no more house parties, less time to go to the clubs, and probably, everyone around you in your future workplace are either old or married or engaged, involved in much older men, or just basically unavailable and/or out of your league.

Men who have been there and done that will not sugarcoat anything for you: dating after college will not be as easy as it were in college. Your social scenery will change, your routine will change, everything will change. And yes, including all the working women’s expectations from men.

And your mindset and lifestyle should go with the change as well.

It's quite alarming that women these days think that there aren't enough men who are available and of the same quality level the women are. Read this and see for yourself. We might want to change this notion before it's too late.

What To Do: TJ's Tips

So gents, take out thy Blackberrys and note these things; here’s a simple guide for guys on dating after college (also known as ‘what working women want from the men they date):

  • Be among the mature ones – the reason why a lot of young working women prefer going out with men in their early or mid-30s is because they have gotten tired of the boys they dated in college. The real world is the ‘out there’ they’ve been fantasizing about and it didn’t involve men in their jeans and rock band T-shirts. They were men who wore polo shirts and loafers and treated them like ladies, not girls. If you want to snag great women, forget being a good boy – be a good man. Offer real dates, talk about real-world things, and be a person with a goal in life. That last part, yes, it’s very attractive.

  • Be more responsible – showing at work hungover? No, not sexy. Calling in the middle of the night, tipsy, and looking for ‘something’? Booty calls are not for the yuppie woman. Overspending on booze? Not cool homey. Whatever your job is, or how much you’re earning, it is never an excuse to be irresponsible about your actions. College was your last excuse to be irresponsible.

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  • Look clean, smell clean, be clean – men who stink are NEVER good at any age. It is understandable that transition to manliness to be a bit challenging for the guys so were given leeway in college. Not having mom around to wash every item of clothing that needs to be washed was a difficult phase. But really, after college? When you’re already working? No, I don’t think so. A fully grown man is hygienic.

Growing Up

But really, guys, the basic point is: grow up. If you're not convinced, read this for more information. And take note, growing up is NOT the same as growing old. We all have had our share of fun in college and it’s time to be adults at this stage in our lives. Do not entrap yourself in the careless fantasy called college, or you’ll have a really bad time. Or at least not meet the right women. There’s a lot of fun in being an adult, but you can only find it if you start thinking like an adult. Ready or not, it’s going to come to you.

So there. I hope you learned a thing or two.