Answering A Reader’s Question On Dating, Love & Relationships

A reader commented on my blog post last week on how to make women fall in love quickly via email –

Hi TJ, I really digged your blog post on what’s commonly known as “sonic” seduction strategies, so thank you for that. I would like to solicit your opinion on using female mind hacks in dating women. Have you heard of these techniques, and what do you think of them? -Brian McKinsey, Toronto

Here’s my answer to Brian:-

Yes, I have heard of these so-called “loophole in female psychology” techniques, and I generally don’t approve them. There are far more “ethical” ways to make a woman like you, and abusing a woman’s psychology and emotions is not one of them.

Attracting a girl like this using “seduction” gimmickry? Don’t bet on it

I prefer to work on my own confidence levels instead of relying on these gimmicky seduction techniques and tricks in order to make women like me. This is also why I use brainwave entrainment programs in order to fix my inner game and increase my confidence levels. I have previously blogged about this.

When you are confident and are a bit of a leader then women will be naturally attracted to you. If you have low self esteem then no amount of “peacocking” will save you, and there’s no magical pickup lines will work in your favor. Stop looking for shortcuts!

Want to know how to seduce a woman quickly? Easy. Just work on your own issues and things will work out for you. Trust me on this.

Once you have mastered inner game and building self confidence, then move on to learn about female psychology. Why? The answer is this – almost all dating and seduction knowledge out there is related to women psychology one way or the other.

By learning about female psychology principles you will KNOW why certain “loopholes” or mind backs work, and you can even come up with your own set of techniques and tactics. These techniques can be altered depending your situation, and this is important because each situation is unique, and you need to be able to adapt when it comes to dating and seducing women successfully.

There are also other aspects of dating which you will need to understand – for example, how to calibrate your body language in order to appear attractive to women. Reciting lines will not help you much unfortunately. You need to come in a “full package” which is seductive – and everything you say or do will have an impact.

Finally, consider this. Learning about dating and loving women can be tricky, but it’s well worth it. Once you sorted this aspect of your life out, then you will be rewarded with the best relationships that money can’t buy.

That’s it for today. If you have any comments then just leave a message below or email me directly at I might not be able to answer every question though, so thank you for understanding.

TJ Robinson