Transitional Justice – My Adventures In Meditation Using Isochronic Tones

Many people have trouble finding inner peace. If you aren’t at peace with yourself, it can be very hard to have a good day. You’ll be in a bad mood the whole day and everything will seem to irritate you. In order to get rid of the negative energy, you need to find out what the root of the problem is. Maybe it’s something somebody said about you that has put you in such a bad place. Or maybe it’s a lack of confidence. Meditation can help you process what is going on in your mind and let go of the negativity. A lot of people would like to try meditation, but they think it’s a complicated process that takes a long time to get good at.

Picture of meditation

I have learned meditation techniques from the far east, and they are awesome!

In actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Meditating is very simple and can be done by anyone. People ask me, “So TJ, how do you meditate?” Here is my stock answer…

Keys To Meditation – The TJ’s Method!

The first step to meditating is choosing the right room. You’ll want to choose a room that has good energy. Try not to meditate in a room that you associate with negativity because it will be harder for you to clear your mind. After you have chosen the right room, you’ll want to clear a portion of it so that you’ll have room to meditate. While you don’t need a lot of space to meditate, it’s important to not feel claustrophobic.

After you have cleared space in a room, you’re ready to meditate. If you don’t want to sit directly on the floor, you can use a pillow or a mat. During meditation, it is very important to maintain good posture. You will want to sit cross-legged, with your shoulders back. If you slouch during meditation, you won’t be able to breath as well. Once your posture is set, you need to make sure that your whole body is relaxed. To do this, you can think of different body parts. If a specific part of your body isn’t relaxed, try readjusting your posture.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

After your posture is set and your whole body is relaxed, you will need to focus your attention on your breathing. While you are focusing on your breathing, make sure to only think of one thing at a time. The point of meditation is to let go of the negative energy in your mind. Eventually, you’ll want to be able to focus on nothing at all. While this can take some time to master, it is the only way to completely clear your mind.

Picture of Mount Fuji

Try picturing a distant, serene place when you meditate. Listening to background music when meditating will also help enhance the experience!

If it’s your first time meditating, just try to not think about all of the petty things going on in your life. Meditation is all about finding inner peace. By meditating every day, you’ll be able to let go of negative events that happen throughout the day. Eventually, you won’t even register negative events and you’ll be a much happier person. Even though you probably have a hectic schedule, finding ten minutes in your day to meditate can really make a difference in your overall quality of life. That’s what I did. If you want quicker results from your meditation, consider incorporating the usage of brainwave entrainment tracks as meditation music in the background as well. I found it easier to reach “alpha state” by listening to these tracks. Do a quick Google and you will find lots of brainwave entrainment tracks and programs out there.

Hopefully that’s helpful in your quest to find inner peace. In my future blog posts, I will write more about yoga and how “mindful meditation” can benefit your mental and physical health as a whole.

– TJ

Happy Christmas And 2014!

Time indeed flies, and it has now been half a year since I last wrote in this blog. Thank you, dear reader, for your patience. I shall be back blogging in no time at all, since I will be having some quiet time soon as I retreat to my vacation home in Dallas. Expect some new blog posts coming soon 🙂

The Secret Art to Long Distance Relationships

Hi guys. Last night I was at a bar drinking with a friend, who is currently in the crappy situation of missing his girlfriend. She’s had to go abroad for work and he’s really struggling, being new to the whole long distance thing. So today’s post is all about that topic and includes the advice I gave my buddy.    

There comes a time in a relationship when distance becomes the biggest obstacle—whether it’s caused by a sudden career opportunity abroad, a business venture that need to be looked upon overseas, or simply a personal choice made to better a current situation—long distance relationships are indeed a challenging obstacle to overcome.

Distance is your enemy, obviously. Yet space and time can act as your friends, because these two will enable your relationship to grow. When played right, time and space can contribute to a lasting relationship, and can only make the both of you stronger for each other, even if you are separated by oceans.

Long distance relationships, when looked from a typical perspective, are challenging, frustrating, and emotional. The longing and loneliness one may experience when being apart from a loved one is all common, and sometimes it leads to worry, a sense of mistrust, and the total fallout of a relationship.

There are a lot of ways to keep your relationship alive even if you are miles apart from each other. Sure, there will always be sad times, but think of the long-term—once you’ve hurdled such a hard commitment, you’ll know that your relationship has withstood the test of time and distance.

There are three keys to working it out, and trust me on these, I’m speaking from experience. Along time ago, me and a girl were separated by miles, and this is what that experience taught me.

Okay, number one: be clear from the get go. It’s important for the both of you to know what’s the real deal—are the two of you dating? Are you exclusively seeing each other? Are you agreeing on an open relationship? Are you officially boyfriend and girlfriend? Though putting labels on relationships isn’t always recommended, it would greatly help in making a long distance relationship work. This allows clear objectives, the right to demand or to expect(when the two of you are exclusively together), or set limitations and expectations.

Once you’ve sorted out step one, step two is pretty easy. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

This is where it gets tricky—you don’t see each other, so having physical interaction is impossible. This is really frustrating, but remember—this will allow you to communicate better. Communication is always key, and for long distance couples, it IS required. Voice calls, chat, emails, or phone calls are necessary to keep your relationship alive. Make Skype a shrine for allowing the both of you to talk as much as you can.

Finally, and this is where most long distance relationships falter—the inability to think ahead and plan for a future. Think forward and plan ahead. A long distance relationship requires trust, commitment, and patience—and it takes a great deal of an emotional investment to be in one. Time is important, and you both don’t want to waste time. If you are serious with each other, plan ahead. Think of the future as your ally—as long as it’s there, you’d be sure that the two of you would have something to look forward to each and every day, even if when the two of you are apart.

For other dating tips, feel free to go around my blog or visit for more detailed info. Be sure to sign up for my new book;


Dating and Women and…Marriage?! Well, Maybe

Hello, TJ here again.

I’ve been catching up with some friends lately, and I was surprised to find out how one of my best guy pals is getting married to his 3-year girlfriend this June. I’m excited, though it stirred a lot of thoughts– I’m amazed at his decision to commit 100% full-time. Because he thinks it’s already love.

I know dating can be a hard path to take– it’s not always fun and games. It’s hard to even know what they’re thinking sometimes let alone try to date them! I recently read this article on Yahoo! that explained dating myths that make a lot of men and women get scared at the thought of dating someone because they fear rejection and being ignored. And it go me to thinking, I know I may be good at giving dating advice, but what if I take it on a different level and share marriage survival tips soon?! 😀 LOL. Contact me on and let me know what you think… And feel free to hit me up for dating advice, or yoga tips while you’re there!

Right, I’m off for a much needed drink! Catch up with you all soon.


Inside A Woman’s Mind

Hey guys, TJ here, back at what I do best – blogging! 🙂

I’ve been receiving a few emails recently, all around the same subject, “TJ, I’m dating this amazing chick but I don’t know what’s going on with her at times. Can you help?” And, “Dude, you seem to know what you’re talking about when it come’s to women, but how do you know what she’s thinking.” So I decided to answer everyone at the same time with this blog!

Now, a lot of the time, body language can say so much more about a person than words ever will. Well, women tend to use this particular form of communication on a regular basis, most of all if they want to say something to a man that they like in a subtle manner. If she is ignoring you, then she won’t be displaying these signs at all of course. If that’s the case, then read this instead.

Every woman uses different gestures that have different meanings attached to them, though, and there are no rules or standards in this particular department. However, there are several gestures that mean the same to every single woman out there. In this article, you can learn about these similar gestures that women use and finally reveal the big secrets behind them.

Let’s start with the obvious one, when a woman plays with her hair. Or she keeps trying to fix it even if nothing is wrong with it, this usually means that she wants to get somebody’s attention. If that somebody happens to be you, then that means she likes you! For more signs that she’s falling for you, click here.

How about that thing they do, when they look away? Well, sometimes, you might think that you are having the most interesting conversation in the world with a woman, just to be surprised by her nonchalant and distant response to you in return. She might avoid looking at your eyes as you talk or she might keep changing the subject, for example. If this is the case, then you should probably just give up because you have already bored her to death and she is no longer interested in hearing your anecdotes and stories, in general. Learning a “seduction storytelling” technique such as the October Man Sequence ( ) will be helpful in this case.

Or what those bursts of excitement mean? Women tend to get extremely excited when they hear good news. However, there are also times when women get extremely excited even when they don’t hear anything good. Take window shopping or the glimpse of gorgeous clothes or jewelry, for example. So, if you sense excitement from a woman the minute she sees you walk into the door, then that’s a sure sign she’s got the hots for you.

And the secret behind the staring? Just because a woman stares at you doesn’t mean she likes you. If she is staring at you while you are talking, for example, but isn’t actually responding to what you are saying, then she simply isn’t impressed by you – end of story. You will then need to learn some techniques on seducing a woman quickly!

Or maybe she’s showing signs of nervousness? If a woman is generally known to be happy and talkative, but gets nervous or quiet whenever she is in your presence, then that means that she likes you and simply doesn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of you.

What to know if she puts her arm around you. Well, if you are in a group and a woman places her arm around you, then you should know that simply means she sees you as a good friend – nothing more. This may differ on a case-by-case basis, though.

And lastly, what it means if a woman looks sad whenever you are around, it wouldn’t hurt to ask her if anything is wrong, regardless of whether she is simply putting on an act or actually genuinely feels sad. Who knows? Your approach might be exactly what she is waiting for. And for ways to make her fall for you fast read this!

Got a question? Contact me on I will then answer all your questions on dating and love, just like what I did previously.

Back at Blogging – And Investing In Real Estate!

OK, I’m back at blogging after some time off – was down with a mild fever which went on for days (talked about it briefly here).

Now I have been contemplating of selling off my apartment here in Tucson, and boy was I surprised to find that the value of the property has tripled (thanks to the handy “Zestimate” tool at You can also find something similar at to do a quick comparison).

I got in touch with Andrew Watson of Tucson Empire Realty, LLC, and he kindly sent me an article which he published in the Tucson Real Estate Monitor newsletter – and he has given me permission to reprint this article here. Enjoy!

How To Increase The Value Of Your Property

Sprucing up your property will fetch you a better price - so get crackin' !

Sprucing up your property will fetch you a better price – so get crackin’ !

Do you plan on selling your property sometime soon? No matter how sluggish the real estate market might become, you can actually learn how to increase the value of your property with ease. You just have to remember that home improvements aren’t the only way to go. In fact, some home improvements might not even be worth your while. Here are several things that you definitely need to take into consideration before selling your house, though:

  • Add more insulation.

If you don’t have enough insulation at home, your air-conditioning and heating units could end up working overtime. As such, it would definitely be a good idea to learn how to increase the value of your property by investing in more insulation. More insulation will increase your property’s value because you will save money on utility bills and pass those savings onto the new homeowners.

  • Prettify the lawns.

Another thing you can do to increase the value of your property is to do some simple landscaping to make your front yard and your backyard look better. Believe it or not, adding flower beds and trimming trees can do wonders at making yards look more attractive. You just have to make sure that you keep the balance in the process, so that your yards maintain the right balance with the actual house.


  • Look into upgrades.

If you are the only house in the neighborhood that doesn’t have carpeting or siding, then your property’s value could drop significantly because of it. So, if you want to make sure you get good money for your property, you might want to look into several upgrades before putting it on the market. If you have got an “upgraded” property for sale then you’ll stand a good chance of fetching a good price for your piece of real estate.

  • Remodel some of the rooms.

This is one of the best steps that you can learn on how to increase the value of your property. Not only will your family benefit from this, but the future homeowners will, too. Replace the wallpaper and the flooring, for example, or change the appliances and the fixtures. Changes like this can go a very long way in the long run. If you need some advice on how to remodel the house, get a female opinion!

  • Buy new visible components.

Since first impressions last, you should consider buying new siding, windows and doors as needed. Although these home improvements can be expensive sometimes and might even require you to get a second mortgage or a loan, it would be of the utmost essence to look into them if you have plans of keeping the house for a few more years. New visible components will actually make your house look better and help it conserve more energy, thus paying for themselves and increasing your property’s value at the same time.

  • Buy new appliances.

Like visible components, appliances can be expensive, too. So, prior to purchasing a new furnace or heater, consider how long you will still be staying in the house. If you plan on moving soon, then you might want to avoid shopping for new appliances for now and just reduce your property’s selling price instead.

Make sure you consider all of the aforementioned tips on how to increase the value of your property before selling it. This way, you can ensure that you get the best price for your home in the end.

If you need a real estate broker then get in touch with Andrew at – tell him that TJ sent you. 🙂

PS: Check out the Archives if you have got the time.


In case you’ve been wondering why I have not been blogging, then know this… I have been down with hay fever for the last few days. I have been receiving a couple of emails regarding my last blog post here – will reply when I feel better!

God bless,


Answering An Email On Dating

Roger ( from Michigan emailed: “I’m stuck in a rut when it comes to attracting women. Any advice on how to overcome this?”

My Answer:-

Many guys come to me and ask if I have got the best “dating and seduction techniques or tips” which will work no matter what. They do not understand that there is a fallacy when it comes to asking that question… because it presumes that there are “silver bullet” techniques or tactics which will work in all circumstances or situations. That is simply not true.

Well, we can’t blame the guys can we? After all, they are all fed the same lies by the self-proclaimed “seduction gurus” who claim to have these silver bullet solutions which tend to be useless. They are all just out to make a quick buck, and most of them will need to be investigated by the FTC, no doubt. It’s quite sickening to see these shysters trying to scam newbies and poor guys who are having a hard time with women in order to make gobs of money. Shameless!

Now with that rant out of the way, we must also clarify that there are some techniques which are more effective than the others. For example, fractionation (see a good description on what the technique is at ) is known to be a tactic which is highly effective, and is in fact used by most real experts who have an abundance of knowledge and experience when it comes to making women fall in love with them. Want to know how to get a girlfriend like a seduction master? Read on…

So what you will need to do in order to increase your seduction abilities and sharpen your dating skills is to go find out where these techniques are and then learn them. Once you have completely learned them, then go out there and apply them in real life. Learning a bunch of dating and seduction theory is useless unless you get real feedback “in the field” from the women that you approach. You are bound to fail a couple of times before seeing some real success in terms of getting phone numbers and dates. The key here is not to be disheartened when you are faced with failures, but always try again whenever you feel that you are down and out. When you get better, you will be able to see the signs of attraction for sure.

Not many guys realize that even the best dating and seduction teachers failed one time or the other when it comes to impressing women. One can improve simply by “failing forward”. With enough experience, then you will be able to make any woman fall in love with you quickly and easily.

In my next blog post, I will talk more about this – email me if you need any advice on dating in the meantime.


Think She’s Falling For You?

Wow guys! I’m so psyched: I never thought that my blog posts on dating and relationships would be so well received. To my fans: Emily, Stephen, Choo Chuan and Joseph – thank you for your emails; I appreciate them very much. Sign up for my book here at for all my blogs in one place! If you have missed my blog posts on this topic, click here, here and here.

One of my regular readers asked me for some inside knowledge the other day, he’s been seeing this girl on and off recently and has no idea what’s happening. So, he wrote in asking, “TJ, give a guy a heads up! How can I tell if she’s falling for me or not?!”

So, in this week’s article on dating and seduction, I’m going to talk about the surefire signs that a girl likes you, this is my inside scoop on how to tell what’s going on with you and your gal.

If you have been dating a girl for a while now, it is important to see how emotionally invested your partner is. You want your partner to always be equally invested in the relationship. Otherwise, you will have to go out of your way to entertain your partner. One of the easiest ways to see if your girlfriend is falling for you is to pay attention to her behavior. There are certain signs that your girlfriend will put on display if she’s falling for you. So, how can you tell if a girl is falling for you?

The best thing to do if you want to see if a girl is falling for you is to purposely ignore her. Whenever she calls you, don’t respond. If she texts you, do not text her back.This might be hard, but you can try meditation in order to calm your nerves.

Also, don’t let her know where you’re going or when you will be back. The reason that you should ignore her is so that you can see how much she values you as a boyfriend. If she gets extremely upset about you ignoring her, it shows that she is very invested in the relationship. It shows you that she is lost without you and is definitely falling for you. If your girlfriend doesn’t seem to care that you aren’t responding to her, it shows that she is not interested in the relationship and that she isn’t falling for you.

Another way to see if your girlfriend is falling for you is to see how much she includes you with her friends and family. If she wants you to meet her friends and spend time with them, it is usually a sign that she is serious about the relationship and thinks that it will last. If your girlfriend never includes you with her friends and thinks of you as a separate part of her life, it usually isn’t a good sign. If your girlfriend is already moving away, check out this link for some advice on how to win her back

An even better way to see if your girlfriend is falling for you is to ask her to meet your parents. If she reacts positively, it means that she is taking the relationship serious and can see long term potential in it. For long-term dating advice, check out this website –

If you want to be bold, a great way to test out the strength of the relationship is by asking her to move in with you. While this can be very risky, it will show how she truly feels about you. Does she think of you as just a fling? Or does she view the relationship as a serious one? If all else fails, use these tips to make a girl like you fast. [6]

Now that you know how to find out if your girlfriend is falling for you, you should be able to evaluate the state of your relationship. It is important to find out the feelings of your partner so that you can both make the right decisions. If both partners in the relationship do not feel the same way, it can lead to problems. Being preemptive and trying to find out her feelings is the best way to avoid problems later on.

As usual, email me if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more good advice on dating and relationships!



What To Do When A Girl Ignores You

Hey all, someone left a comment on my inside scoop on how to tell if a girl is falling for you. The comment read, “That’s all fine and dandy, TJ, but what if a girl completely ignores you? What would you do then?” (BTW, anyone else wants some personal advice on dating, contact me on

Now, I’ve been; I’ve fallen really hard for a chick and it took me a while to work out why she was ignoring me. This blog is inspired by that girl. If you have recently met a girl that you really like, you’re probably very excited. Unfortunately, one partner is usually more invested in the relationship than the other. If the girl you are dating has been ignoring you lately, it’s probably very frustrating to you. After all, this was a girl that you really liked. Fortunately, there are things you can do when a girl ignores you. If you execute the steps listed in the following paragraphs, you should be able to win your girlfriend back.

So, what should you do when a girl ignores you?

So she’s started ignoring you? Well, the first thing you should do, is move on. If you have convinced yourself mentally that she just wasn’t the girl for you, it will be much easier to get her to pay attention to you down the road. Girls appreciate confident men. If you’re still focused on getting her to pay attention to you, you won’t be confident. It can be very challenging to mentally move on, but it is the only way to heal from the situation. If you can’t mentally move on from her, then you’ll never be able to have a sustainable relationship with another woman. Instead, you’ll always be thinking about the girl that ignored you and what your relationship could have been like if she wouldn’t have ignored you.

If you need more techniques on how to do this, click here.

The next thing you should do when a girl ignores you is to make sure she sees you out in public. Even though it can be a lot of work to keep tabs on where she goes, it’ll be worth it in the end. Have one of your friends text her about where she is going on the weekend. This way, it will seem like it’s a coincidence when you run into her. Make sure that you have another date when you run into her so that she can see that you’ve already moved on. Seeing another girl with you will make her jealous and realize what she missed out on. If she was only ignoring you to play mind games with you, she’ll see that you’re not willing to play. She will realize that you are confident in yourself and don’t need her in order to have a fulfilling life.

Now, you’ve sorted out what to do when a girl ignores you, you should be able to get her interest back in no time. Remember, you never want to come off as desperate. You must therefore know how to flirt with a girl without coming off as too needy which is highly unattractive. You need to convince her that she needs you more than you need her. Even though this can be challenging to do at first, it will get easier with practice. Every time you see her out in public, it will be easier for you to exert confidence and let her know that you’ve moved on. Once your girlfriend notices that your life does not revolve around her, she will realize that she has made a mistake and will come back to you.

If you need more techniques on how to do this, click here.

I have also penned my thoughts on love and dating previously here. Read it and let me know what you think of it.


Answering A Reader’s Question On Dating, Love & Relationships

A reader commented on my blog post last week on how to make women fall in love quickly via email –

Hi TJ, I really digged your blog post on what’s commonly known as “sonic” seduction strategies, so thank you for that. I would like to solicit your opinion on using female mind hacks in dating women. Have you heard of these techniques, and what do you think of them? -Brian McKinsey, Toronto

Here’s my answer to Brian:-

Yes, I have heard of these so-called “loophole in female psychology” techniques, and I generally don’t approve them. There are far more “ethical” ways to make a woman like you, and abusing a woman’s psychology and emotions is not one of them.

Attracting a girl like this using “seduction” gimmickry? Don’t bet on it

I prefer to work on my own confidence levels instead of relying on these gimmicky seduction techniques and tricks in order to make women like me. This is also why I use brainwave entrainment programs in order to fix my inner game and increase my confidence levels. I have previously blogged about this.

When you are confident and are a bit of a leader then women will be naturally attracted to you. If you have low self esteem then no amount of “peacocking” will save you, and there’s no magical pickup lines will work in your favor. Stop looking for shortcuts!

Want to know how to seduce a woman quickly? Easy. Just work on your own issues and things will work out for you. Trust me on this.

Once you have mastered inner game and building self confidence, then move on to learn about female psychology. Why? The answer is this – almost all dating and seduction knowledge out there is related to women psychology one way or the other.

By learning about female psychology principles you will KNOW why certain “loopholes” or mind backs work, and you can even come up with your own set of techniques and tactics. These techniques can be altered depending your situation, and this is important because each situation is unique, and you need to be able to adapt when it comes to dating and seducing women successfully.

There are also other aspects of dating which you will need to understand – for example, how to calibrate your body language in order to appear attractive to women. Reciting lines will not help you much unfortunately. You need to come in a “full package” which is seductive – and everything you say or do will have an impact.

Finally, consider this. Learning about dating and loving women can be tricky, but it’s well worth it. Once you sorted this aspect of your life out, then you will be rewarded with the best relationships that money can’t buy.

That’s it for today. If you have any comments then just leave a message below or email me directly at I might not be able to answer every question though, so thank you for understanding.

TJ Robinson

Make A Girl Like You… Fast

Greetings readers!

If you have just gotten out of a long distance relationship, you’re probably very disappointed. (Although, I do give great advice on those here). Even though it can be disappointing breaking up with a girl, you need to remember that this gives you the opportunity to be with an even better woman.

A breakup is never one person’s fault, so don’t put all the blame on yourself. The only thing you can do about a breakup is learn from it. If you learn from your past relationships, then they gave you value. I write about all these lessons in my book, sign up for a copy at Now that you’re on the lookout for your next girlfriend, it’s important to get her to notice you. So, how can you make a girl like you fast?

Okay so these are my sonic attraction strategies. What I have learned being out there in the dating game.

The first thing you need to do to make a girl like you fast is be considerate. When you first meet a girl you like, you need to make sure that you actually give her time to talk about her. Many guys end up dominating the conversation and only talking about themselves. This can give the girl a bad impression of you. If the girl has just gotten out of a long-term relationship, be kind and act interested in her problems. If she thinks that you just want to sleep with her, she’ll never pay attention to you again. There are numerous ways to get a girl to like you, and being overtly sexual is not one of them.

In fact, Rachael Ray has talked about this specifically in her show (refer to this article). I agree with her 100%.

Also, you need to be confident. Girls are never attracted to guys who are shy and don’t know what they are doing. You can always melt a girl’s heart by having a confident walk and a great smile. If you think that you’re a catch, she will think you’re one as well. If you have bad teeth, consider getting veneers. Even though they are an investment, they can pay off in the end. Many women say that a great smile is the determining factor in whether or not they will go out with him.

Finally, you need to make sure that you are available. If a girl calls you, make sure that you call her back in a timely manner. At the same time though, you don’t want to come off as desperate. Every once in a while, tell the girl that you have plans even if you do not. You want the girl to know that you have a life and are not available at all hours of the day. It can be challenging for many men to come up with the right mix of availability, but it is a very important factor in getting a girl to like you fast.

If you have followed the advice in the paragraphs above, you should be able to get the girl you like to like you back. As long as you are confident (and you have achieved inner peace), it shouldn’t be that hard for a girl to like you. Girls love it when guys are confident and know what they’re doing, so always try your hardest to do this. Once you have gotten a girl to like you fast, you’ll be able to have a long lasting relationship with her. Check out my post on how to tell if she’s falling for you too here.

Onward and upward!

TJ, over and out!

My Thoughts On Love, Life & Relationships – A Self Reflection

I have recently emerged from a 10-year relationship with an ex-girlfriend. It was painful, but my love life was in tatters. I thought I had completely mastered the art of picking up women but evidently I still had lots to learn. Bummer.

Listening to George Michael’s “Spinning The Wheel” did not help. It made me miss my girlfriend even more. Word of advice: if you have got a loving relationship then treasure it – and give it everything you’ve got. Don’t take your chances and spin the wheel.

Desperate, I went on a “knowledge binge” and started to download seduction programs by dating gurus like Tyler Durden (Real Social Dynamics), Neil Strauss, Derek Rake and Paul Janka. I found the online seduction community. I was like a kid in the candy store. There was a wealth of seduction knowledge which was pretty awesome. I quickly absorbed all the techniques that have purportedly originated from sophisticated mind control, hypnosis and advanced persuasion. There are some techniques like the dreaded “October Man Routine” which are reputed to make women fall in love with less than an hour. I was super excited!

My Seduction Mistakes – Don’t Fall Into The Same Trap

I came to realize that seduction techniques are inherently manipulative. Despite what seduction gurus want you to understand, what you are doing when you use seduction techniques to pick up women is that you exploit the loophole in female psychology that makes them vulnerable to your advances.

They say all is fair in love and war. I needed to get my ex-girlfriend back at all costs… and I immersed myself in seduction techniques found online

It’s not something I am proud of. But then again I was super jealous of my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend that I would do anything to gain an edge. I stumbled upon this webpage: –

Light bulbs immediately came up! When combined with meditation technology I was unstoppable when it comes to seducing my ex-girlfriend back. I was sure.

Most importantly, I realized the importance of being who I am – there is no point putting up a fake front and try to make women fall in love with me. I gotta present my true self and not be a faker.

Finally I have ditched the idea of becoming a pickup artist – that is super lame despite what a site like or even want me to believe. I will live life on my own terms!

– TJ